COVID-19 - update

GCF resumed Sunday Services - May 17 This was our announcement

Dear GCF church family,

We hope this announcement finds you well and living in the peace of the Lord. It has been about two months since GCF suspended our weekly corporate worship at the Governor’s order.

We are very grateful that during this time our hospitals have become prepared and that the severe cases and deaths from Covid-19 have fallen far below what was projected.

But now many of you have asked when we will resume meeting together for spiritual nourishment and encouragement, as we are commanded in Hebrews 10:25,

“Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching”.

There are many who are feeling a deep hunger to meet, they see this as much a necessity to sustain their well-being as physical food.

We recognize that there are many perspectives on all of this, but the elders are tasked with making this difficult decision. After prayerfully discussing the balance between the desire to gather and the pressure to refrain from gathering, we are planning to resume corporate worship (Lord willing) on May 17, 2020.

We have no way of knowing what restrictions the Governor may implement between now and then, but because we are a place of worship, churches and those that attend are exempt from any penalty for meeting, so we invite you to come.

When we meet, we will adhere to strict physical distancing as well some of the now common safety measures you are seeing in many grocery stores (masks are optional). Initially there will be NO nursery or God's Garden until we feel it is safe to resume. When you enter the church, you will be given a sheet detailing specific safety measures that we will be abiding by. Other than following these guidelines, it will be just like any other GCF worship service. Close your eyes to any masks and all that is unfamiliar and focus on God the Unchanging One, who is our security and ultimately the One in control.

We realize that each person or family must prayerfully weigh whether they attend, with the amount of risk they are willing to accept. It is up to you as to when you decide to start attending the services.

NOTE: It is important to stay home if you are sick or not feeling well! But, please do call one of the elders so we can pray for you. (see James 5:14-16)

For those who for health or personal reasons will not be attending, we will continue to provide an online service on Sunday mornings at 10:00. Although for a while we won’t see you, know that we miss you and will be praying God keeps you safe until we can. If you have any questions about the specific guidelines and how they will be implemented, PLEASE do not hesitate to call the church or an elder. We will respond with a phone call so please leave your number. Our phone numbers can be found at or by calling the GCF Secretary at 616-805-2693

Finally, we encourage you to continue to meet with each other through technological means, or in person, when and however that is appropriate. This is a time that we should intentionally care for each other in direct and loving ways.

With Love and concern,

the Pastors and Elders of

Georgetown Christian Fellowship

3-22-2020 - Service intro from Pastor Calvin

Our initial announcement (3-16-2020)

Dear GCF Church Family,In compliance and respect for the governor's request as well as the advice of healthcare specialists, we are temporarily suspending all physical gatherings .This is not an act of fear, it is an act of faith, we are trusting God and trusting the legitimate authorities as they do what they feel led to do. As we comply, we are loving our neighbors. Church will still be happening, it will just be expressed a little differently. Think of this as a spiritual exercise, practical lessons in respecting authority, loving our neighbors and ministering to our community. During this time, it is very important to remain calm and prayerfully support those who are working diligently to lessen the impact of COVID-19. These precautions are being put in place nationally to help manage our healthcare system limited capacity, when faced with a possible sudden influx of patients needing acute care. This decision is also a reflection of our desire to be “good neighbors” and citizens of the community around us.At this time GCF’s building will be closed until April 5. The elders will continue to evaluate the situation and do our best to keep the body informed as to when we will be able to again enjoy worshiping together. We will also be providing suggestions as to how each of us can help our neighbors and so preach the Gospel of Christ, not only with words but with actions as well.We understand this can be an unsettling time, and it’s in times like these that we are so grateful for the relationships that we have within our church family as well as our online church resources. ‘’ ‘’ Please reach out to your life-Group and people you see or sit near at church, let them know you are there to offer them support, encouragement, and prayer! Our hope is that our community would gather online, using social media tools, video chat or just give them a phone call to check on and encourage each other during this time that we can't meet face to face.On Sundays at 10:00 am and 6:30 pm we intend to stream a personal word to the GCF body followed by a relevant message, I encourage you to watch with your family and share with friends so that they can join in too. Hebrews 12:26-27 tells us that times of shaking will come but it also shows what is unshakable, our anchor in Christ. This time of instability is an opportunity for us to share with others the source of our peace and hope in this time when people are searching for peace and hope. May God grant you His peace,Calvin Bergsma