YJAM Music Mentoring Program


is a musical gathering born out of a passion to see the younger generation learn the skills of the older. GCF is committed to teach the next generation of musicians how to excel on their instrument, serve in the church, and lead the body of Christ in worship.

First Tuesdays: Special guests, watching videos, games.

Second Tuesdays: Private Lesson series. The private lessons aren't private at all. The kids have an opportunity to win a lesson with me and bring their friends along to learn. These lessons are tailored to the winner for their instrument at their skill level. Anyone else is invited to come and learn from the "second row."

Third Tuesdays: This is the night we're famous for! Everyone bring your instrument and we'll all jam to some current worship songs. Chord charts are provided and everyone gets to play. Get to feel what it's like to be in a band! Learn how your instrument interacts with the other instruments. This is also the night where the kids have the chance to win one of the two private lesson slots for each month.

Fourth Tuesdays: Private Lesson series.

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM Tuesdays

Location: 3668 Port Sheldon St., Hudsonville, MI 49429

Team Members: Jeff Hall 616-550-0121