New Creation Ministries

Jon and Lisah Vande Riet 

(Summer 2023 Update)


Jon grew up in Grand Rapids (My Parents were from Holland, Michigan.) Local Boy!

Lisah grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana

Field of Service:

Russia and Eastern Europe.

Egypt and the Middle East.

Although our main ministry has been in Egypt itself, we have had a ministry over the years among the Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian, and Moroccan Christians living in South Florida and Ohio. Pastor Calvin recently met us there for a time of ministry and getting acquainted with God’s Middle Eastern people in South Florida.  We discussed ways we can help and serve them there and possibly in Egypt itself. Calvin had a chance to meet a man, who was a radical Muslim and was part of a group like ISIS. He came to Christ, fled Egypt, and is now active in one of the Arabic Christian churches there in South Florida!

We have continued to be involved in ministry to the people of Moscow Christian Center in the capital of Russia. Because of the war, it has been virtual at this time. 

Of course, our heart has been stirred by the Russian - Ukrainian war of the past year. There has been a five-day-a-week “Zoom prayer meeting” with other missionaries, believers from around the world, and Ukrainians to intercede for the situation there. We have been praying regularly with them on a couple of the days. There is prayer for salvation, protection, provision, and an end to the war! We’ve got reports of hundreds of thousands coming to Christ in the Ukraine. There is a revival there,  which is very encouraging!

In the last months, we’ve had a chance to minister to some of the Ukrainian refugees who have fled to North Florida. One couple had their local school there in Eastern Ukraine destroyed by artillery before they fled.  As we talked with them, we realized there was an inner hurt from the destruction of the war. (Understandable!) We encouraged them to forgive, although very difficult.

We have also helped raise support for frontline evangelism and ministry in Ukraine. We have a dear friend, who is an evangelist and aid worker in Ukraine, who went to Ukraine but needed financial support and encouragement. She has risked her life to share the gospel, bring aid, and rescue those civilians who need to flee from their homes. She and her team have shared the gospel with Ukrainian soldiers on their way to the front.

Recently, Lisah was involved in outreach and her team saw 220 people say the prayer to receive Christ in five days. One group was at a university where a transgender rally was and, in the report, saw 22 receive Christ.

Jon continues to teach and minister in two local churches here in Tallahassee. We both have been involved in leading prayer services. Lisah is involved with a group of “Fire Women” who communicate daily on needs in Florida, America, and around the world. 

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement, help, support, cards, and prayers through the years! We pray for you on a regular basis and wish God’s richest blessings on you all!


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