Western Michigan Teen Challenge

Reverend Phillip & Michelle McClain

Our first endeavor is to lead each person to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We believe that a person can be forgiven and delivered from a sinful, addictive past through faith in the blood of Christ, and His redemptive work on the cross.

The one year discipleship process begins through the teaching of God's Word. Our instructors teach the Word to our students and how to apply it. They are taught how to pray and fellowship with God. They learn what it means to live and walk by faith, the importance of work, and church attendance.

Biblical counseling for each student is provided by our pastoral staff. These sessions provide opportunity for student to ask questions, for spiritual development, and to work through personal problems. This personal counseling is a vital part of the discipleship process.

The ministry and philosophy of Teen Challenge has never changed. We believe that man's root problem is sin not drugs or alcohol. Through Jesus Christ, man is set free from the bondage of sin.

Reverend McClain serves as Senior Pastor and Director.

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Western Michigan Teen Challenge
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