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Kathy Jo Robbert

Greetings, friends, from Guatemala, where I have been serving as a missionary since February 2002.

My current and most recent activities include:

  • Showing Christian evangelistic films in churches, on the streets, and in home groups.

  • Filming dramas of verses from the Bible from Romans up to Revelations. The dramas will be used to create DVD's so that all the people of the various language groups will have that portion of the Bible in their own language.

  • Leading a Bible study group.

  • Leading children's ministry for Mujeres de Fe (Women of Faith), an evangelistic outreach to Roman Catholic women.

  • Teaching physical education at Colegio Rey de las Naciones (King of the Nations School).

  • Teaching evangelism and other biblical subjects.

  • Assisting a pastor's association to bring more communication and unity among church leaders.

  • New plans for the last half of 2002 which includes door-to-door evangelism in Ciudad Vieja with Iglesia Palabra Viva (Living Word Church), continuing with the current activities listed above, and prayer ministry to individuals, Lord willing.

It's amazing to me as I look back how God has brought me into full-time missions internationally. After getting saved at age 30 in 1986, I became very involved with singles groups, prayer groups, Sunday school teaching, and almost every activity possible at my church, including several short-term missions trips both within and outside the United States. My pastors saw the gift of evangelism in me.

It was during a trip to Hong Kong (1989) that I felt God "seal" me for something more and a year later found myself working in Hong Kong as a secretary/copywriter for The Sowers Ministry and evangelizing the children of Vietnamese boat people in refugee camps. Two years later, the door to the camps shut and another to Moscow, Russia, opened up. I led street evangelism and hospital ministry to children, which included a team of young people from my local church there, Moscow Christian Center. Hard as it was, but believing God wanted me to shut that door, I left Moscow in the summer of 1996 and worked in the secular world as a reporter for Advance Newspapers. The desire to return to full-time missions never left.

In 2001, Jaime and Melissa Garcia, who also served as missionaries at Moscow Christian Center, invited me to teach English and physical education at the new Christian school they wanted to start in Antigua, Guatemala. I taught full-time from 2002 to 2004. I have continued to teach at this growing school one day a week, cutting down on hours to allow for more time for evangelism.

I see God's incredible hand in my unusual history. As he's given me opportunities and opened the doors, I decided to go through them. I find now that I am fulfilled and happy to be doing what He's given me the privilege to do.

Kathy Jo Robbert (A-321)

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