Tips on Sharing Your Testimony

How has God become real and alive in your life? One of the most effective means of being used of the Holy Spirit (for God to draw others to Christ) is to tell others what Jesus Christ has done in your life. It’s easier for people to receive from the Holy Spirit what you’ve got to say to them once they know what God has delivered you out of and from. Here may be some helpful hints in sharing your testimony.

1. Before: Give details of your life before you turned your life over completely to Jesus Christ. What type of environment were you raised in? What were your beliefs about God? What was your knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible? If you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior at a young age, but fell away, explain the reasons why you didn’t continue to follow after Him in obedience as you now know you should have. (Try to back up your reasons with scripture).

2. The Born Again Process: A blessed few in the Body of Christ have walked upright with the Lord from childhood. But most of us haven’t. Describe the circumstances that caused you to turn your life over completely to Jesus Christ.0

Many people’s actions spring out of their unsatisfied, deep inner needs. What were some of your unsatisfied, deep inner needs that drew you initially to Christ, or back to Christ?

Here are some examples: Lack of peace. Fear of death / hell. Something missing. No meaning to life. Loneliness. Lack of security. Lack of purpose. Longing to be loved. Longing to be unconditionally accepted. No real friends. No motivation. Alcohol or chemical dependencies. Eating disorders. Guilt from sin. Boredom with religion. Hunger to know God better.

3. After: Share how your relationship with Jesus Christ has changed you. What has happened in your life since turning your life over completely to Jesus Christ that you know only God could have brought about?

As you share, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit about interweaving scripture into your testimony. God’s Word applied at the right moment has life-changing power — especially scriptures on Salvation.

As a final reminder... let us always keep this in focus: our purpose is always to give God glory for what He has done in our lives — not to bring glory to ourselves. No one deserves Salvation. By God’s grace, and God’s grace alone did He reach down and save you and me from our lost spiritual state. TO HIM BE ALL THE GLORY!